Longland Farm

Giles and Kate lovingly rear their small flocks in beautiful Elham, near Canterbury. With plentiful access to high quality food, water and luscious grass, they are free to roam their meadow during the day, and kept safe and secure at night. This generous natural environment ensures they live a happy, stress free life.

We process them ourselves to eliminate travel and stress and to maintain the highest possible standards of care and quality. They are carefully game hung to develop their luxurious depth of flavour and dry plucked by hand for crisper skin.

By buying your Christmas bird from Longland Farm you are supporting a way of farming that truly puts the welfare of the bird first.

Available this Christmas:

Goose £16/kg

Turkey £12/kg

Large Duck (3.5-4kg) £9/kg

Large Light Sussex Chicken (2.5kg) Traditional slow growing breed £9/kg

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T: 07825181870

E: hello@longlandfarm.co.uk

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